Agent Social Media Calendar, April 29-May 5

Welcome to another week of suggested social media posts that will help keep you connected with your people and support your business! Let’s get right to our tip of the week…

Time Your Posts to Perfection

Continuing our series about the Facebook algorithm, let’s talk about when to post. It’s a common question and there are numerous resources out there—but what’s actually correct? The reality is that you’ll find a lot of conflicting information because Facebook’s highly intuitive system adapts based on individual data. Each page’s data is going to be different, so you should be looking at your insights for your individual page to find the correct information. 

Why do I need to know when to post? The algorithm prioritizes posts that receive engagement, which is why timing your posts is so important. While this data isn’t the be-all, end-all of your social strategy, it should be heavily taken into consideration. It will show you when your audience is the most active and anything you can do to be seen by more followers is great. 

How can I find this information for my Facebook business page? To find this information, go to your page and then choose the “Insights” button across the top. If you don’t see it, click “More” and it will be in the drop-down menu. Then choose the “Posts” option on the left. There you will see a graph of when your fans are online for a comprehensive 7-day period, as shown below. If you hover over a specific day, it will show you the data for each specific day so you can compare and contrast times versus days of the week.

What if I don’t have a business page? There currently isn’t a way to get this level of specific data for a personal profile, but you do have a few options. First and foremost, pay attention to your engagement (likes/comments) results for each post and when you post it. Do you see more results when you post at 1pm or 6pm? How about weekdays versus weekends? Keep that information in mind moving forward. Along with tracking your own results, you can utilize overall data about when people are online to help guide your posting schedule. Below you’ll see a graph with global engagement for Facebook that might be helpful to reference. 

Does this translate to other social media platforms? While each platform will have its own specific algorithm and rank things differently, you should absolutely apply this knowledge to other platforms. Whether it’s intuitive data from a personal profile or hard data from a business page, use it to fine-tune your posting across all platforms. If you want to find your posting data for Instagram specifically, you’ll need a business profile but you can access it by clicking the “X number of visitors in X days” bar across the top of your profile in the app. Then choose Audience and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Social Posts for the Coming Week

Remember to read and double-check before posting to make sure that you haven’t copied and pasted any portion of the instructions into your post!

A quick refresher on how to post the provided content:

  • Copy and paste the text into your status bar on Facebook via desktop or the app. If there’s text in red, a photo should appear below what you just pasted. 
  • Scroll to the top of what you just posted and remove the link. You can check that the actual link remained active by making sure the photo that appeared is still there. 
  • If something in the suggested post doesn’t quite feel like you, feel free to make edits and show your personality. Finally, click “Post” and you’re done!
  • To share something from Facebook just click the “Click here” link in the calendar below, then click “Share” on the post. 
      • For your personal page, you will just input the suggested text, then click Post. 
      • For a business page, you’ll click the dropdown page, click “Share on a page you manage” then choose your business page, then input the suggested text and click Post.
      • This is the same on mobile, only before anything for both personal profiles or a business page you’ll need to click “Write a Post.”
    • If you have a listing post the following on the day it goes live:
      • A blurb about the home such as: Incredible 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo in the perfect Downtown Denver location! $225,000. 
      • The link to your listing’s virtual tour to generate traffic. Double-check that all information is up-to-date, contact your ASC to correct anything.

Social Graphic: Selling Homes Safely

Note: These graphics will download all together but can be posted individually based on your goal for the post. There’s a cover photo, general message, best practices for sellers, and best practices for buyers.

  • Click here to download the zip file with graphics for Instagram
  • Click here to share it from Porchlight’s Facebook page when it’s posted after 9am
  • Message: Showings are back on in Denver (and certain surrounding counties), but it’s anything but business as usual. I’ll be taking precautions to make sure that everyone can buy and sell safely. Local market conditions are still strong and with the proper guidance, this can be a great time for smart real estate investments. If you’d like more information or specifics, feel free to reach out.

Social Graphic: Home Safe Home Photo Contest


  • Click here to download the graphic
  • Message: Don’t forget, there’s still time to win a $100 Visa gift card in PorchLight’s Home Safe Home contest. Enter by posting a picture of your favorite place in your home to Instagram—just make sure your profile is public and use the hashtag #PLHomeSafeHome. I can’t wait to see your entries!

PorchLight’s Full Plates Project, a virtual food drive collecting donations that will be matched by PorchLight up to $10,000. You can use graphics to support one or both organizations: Food Bank of the Rockies, serving Denver (and beyond) and Community Food Share, specifically supporting Boulder/Broomfield Counties.

  • Click here to download the COVER graphic
  • Pick ONE companion graphic: 
    • Click here to download the Food Bank of the Rockies (Denver) graphic
    • Click here to download the Community Food Share (Boulder) graphic
    • Click here to download the combined graphic
  • Or share our combined post by visiting PorchLight’s Facebook page after 9am on Friday
  • Message: We’re holding a virtual food drive to nourish our friends and neighbors in need. No donation is too small and PorchLight will match all contributions up to $10,000!

Message: If you’re headed to a park in Denver this weekend, don’t forget about the new rules! 

Message: Love seeing Boulderites get creative! This program started last week but you can still sign up this week, just be sure to hurry—there are only a few spots left.

Message: If you’re struggling during this time or just looking for an interesting perspective, this is a great one!

Message: Are you part of the 32% who have started a home improvement project? How about the 11% dreaming of a home gym?

Social Graphic: Cinco de Mayo Recipes (Guac, Queso Dip and Margs)

  • Click here to download the zip file of graphics to post on Instagram
  • Click here to share the post from Facebook when it’s posted @ 9am
  • Message: Happy Cinco De Mayo! While this year looks a little different, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate with the cornerstones of any proper fiesta—guacamole, queso dip and margaritas by the pitcher!

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