Agent Social Media Calendar, April 22-28

Welcome to another week of suggested social media posts that will help keep you connected with your people and support your business! Let’s get right to our tip of the week…

Give the Algorithm Exactly What It Wants

As promised last week, we’re going to take a closer look at the Facebook algorithm. Again, algorithms are used to prioritize which content a user sees in their feed first by the likelihood that they’ll actually want to see it. While the thought of the Facebook algorithm may seem overwhelming, these are just lessons in best practices for Facebook so the most people possible will see your posts. 

You’ve heard a lot about video in the past few weeks and while it may seem easy to forget video when the world returns to some sense of normal, don’t. Use this as a time to become comfortable with utilizing videos and set yourself up for success moving forward because even when they aren’t a main method of communication, they’re a highly useful tool. Facebook has made it clear that video content creates higher engagement than any other type of content. So, if you aren’t creating videos, it’s time to get started! It doesn’t have to be a big-budget production about the intricacies of selling your home, it can be something incredibly simple like:

  • A quick market update 
  • A glimpse into something great or odd about a home you’re previewing
  • You can even take some of the content in the social media calendars (like links to outside content) and sum up the content in a video, then link to the article in the video caption 

You can also utilize Facebook Live for videos—one of the biggest advantages you’ll find with this tactic is that Facebook will actually send your fans and followers a notification that you’re going live when you do so from a business page. If you’re curious about Facebook Live, you can find our 2-part series about How to Host a Virtual Open House on Facebook Live here and here.

If you do a little research on your own, you’ll read a lot about how to “outsmart” the Facebook algorithm. But in this case, it’s not about outsmarting the algorithm, it’s about giving it exactly what it wants. 

Social Posts for the Coming Week

Remember to read and double-check before posting to make sure that you haven’t copied and pasted any portion of the instructions into your post!

A quick refresher on how to post the provided content:

  • Copy and paste the text into your status bar on Facebook via desktop or the app. If there’s text in red, a photo should appear below what you just pasted. 
  • Scroll to the top of what you just posted and remove the link. You can check that the actual link remained active by making sure the photo that appeared is still there. 
  • If something in the suggested post doesn’t quite feel like you, feel free to make edits and show your personality. Finally, click “Post” and you’re done!
  • To share something from Facebook just click the “Click here” link in the calendar below, then click “Share” on the post. 
      • For your personal page, you will just input the suggested text, then click Post. 
      • For a business page, you’ll click the dropdown page, click “Share on a page you manage” then choose your business page, then input the suggested text and click Post.
      • This is the same on mobile, only before anything for both personal profiles or a business page you’ll need to click “Write a Post.”
    • If you have a listing post the following on the day it goes live:
      • A blurb about the home such as: Incredible 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo in the perfect Downtown Denver location! $225,000. 
      • The link to your listing’s virtual tour to generate traffic. Double-check that all information is up-to-date, contact your ASC to correct anything.

Social Graphic: Earth Day

  • Click here to download graphic for Instagram
  • Click here to share it from Porchlight’s Facebook page when it’s posted at 9am
  • Message: On an Earth Day that feels different than those before, words from Lady Bird Johnson are more relevant than ever: “The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” If you’d like to take the Earth Day challenge, check out:

Social Graphic: March Market Stats


  • Click here to download Denver graphic
  • Message: While there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, the latest stats show that the Denver real estate market is in a solid place. Get the full update at then feel free to contact me to learn more. 


  • Click here to download Boulder graphic
  • Message: While there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, the latest stats show that the Boulder real estate market is in a solid place. Get the full update at then feel free to contact me to learn more.

PorchLight’s GIVE graphics, each featuring different ways to support our local community:

  • Click here to download the latest graphics—these will be updated each week, so email any suggestions to
  • Or share the post by visiting PorchLight’s Facebook page after 9am on Friday.
  • Message: As the stay-at-home order comes to a close, our community will still need our help during the long transition back to normalcy. Please join me in supporting our neighbors through these 9 ways you can help make a difference—whether you can give goods, time, or more. These are updated each week with 2-3 new additions so if you have a cause you’d like to feature, please let me know!

Message: If all this extra time staying at home has inspired you to make a big change to your kitchen, painting the cabinets could be a great option! Before you get started, check out this article which provides pointers and tips from the pros.

Message: Some great tips here! We’ll see if I get around to actually implementing them… 

PCP: Go Green at Home

  • Click here to download a .zip file of the images to post on Instagram
  • Click here to share the post from Facebook when it’s posted @ 9am
  • Message: While Earth Day has passed, there are countless ways to continue taking care of the planet while reducing your carbon footprint and even lowering your utility bills. To view the full guide visit:

PCP: Working Out While Staying In

  • Click here to download a .zip file of the images to post on Instagram
  • Click here to share the post from Facebook when it’s posted @ 9am
  • Message: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there’s a ton of great options for working out at home available online right now! Whether you’re a yoga or CrossFit enthusiast, or just ready to dance it out, you can view the full guide at

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