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Business Pages & Personal Pages

Do you want to make sure your friends on Facebook see your business content even if they don’t follow your business page? Do you want to expand your reach on your business page? There’s a very easy way to do this—let’s dive in. 

First, you’ll post your content onto your business page as you normally would. Then you’ll scroll down to that post, see the image below. The two buttons highlighted are what you’ll need. Click the one on the right (the profile photo of your business page) and a dropdown will appear where you can select your personal profile. Select that, then click Share. You’ll then see Share To News Feed as an option, choose that and your regular Share popup will appear. Add some text, hit share, and you’re good to go!

The most important part of this process is that your business content should “live” on your business page. This means that while you can share it to other places, it should first be posted on your business page. Why is this? Your business page should be the primary location for all business content—if a potential client looks you up, they will likely only find your business page, not your personal profile.

Additionally, if people interact with content that was originally posted via your business page that you’ve shared to your personal profile it will add to the engagement on your business page. This is where your want higher engagement—whereas engagement on your personal profile is not tracked and does not have any value. 

Operating by this method to get content over to your personal profile is a win-win: your business page receives a boost in engagement and you’re able to make sure friends and family see your post. 

Social Posts for the Coming Week

Remember to read and double-check before posting to make sure that you haven’t copied and pasted any portion of the instructions into your post!

View the class on proper posting here.

A quick refresher on how to post the provided content:

    • Copy and paste the text into your status bar on Facebook via desktop or the app. If there’s text in red, a photo should appear below what you just pasted. 
    • Scroll to the top of what you just posted and remove the link. You can check that the actual link remained active by making sure the photo that appeared is still there. 
    • If something in the suggested post doesn’t quite feel like you, feel free to make edits and show your personality. Finally, click “Post” and you’re done!
    • To share something from Facebook just click the “Click here” link in the calendar below, then click “Share” on the post. 
        • For your personal page, you will just input the suggested text, then click Post. 
        • For a business page, you’ll click the dropdown page, click “Share on a page you manage” then choose your business page, then input the suggested text and click Post.
        • This is the same on mobile, only before anything for both personal profiles or a business page you’ll need to click “Write a Post.”
      • If you have a listing post the following on the day it goes live:
        • A blurb about the home such as: Incredible 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo in the perfect Downtown Denver location! $225,000. 
        • The link to your listing’s virtual tour to generate traffic. Double-check that all information is up-to-date, contact your ASC to correct anything.
  • Best Practices for Instagram:
    1. Download all the photos onto your computer
    2. Share them to your phone in your preferred method 
      • E-mail, AirDrop, text, etc. 
        • If you have a Mac, AirDrop is the easiest way, just make sure it’s turned on first. Here are instructions. 
    3. Copy + paste the captions and share them to your phone in your preferred method
          • E-mail, text, etc. 
          • Or open the social media calendar on your phone and copy them from there
          • Note that links cannot be placed in Instagram captions. You’ll need to place it in your bio, you can find instructions on how to here. 

December Postcard: Hot Chocolate Pairings

  • Click here to download the images (zip file)
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: While hot chocolate is delicious all on its own, pairing the right foods and adding a little extra something can take it to the next level! Learn more at

Message: Considering a new home for the holidays? Now is a great time to sell! Get in touch if you’d like to talk specifics, and we can see if this is the best choice for you.

Social Graphic: Happy Howl-idays

  • Click here to download the images (zip file)
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: More than ever, this year has reminded me that I’m so grateful to have such great clients, friends, and family. However you celebrate, I hope you remember to ‘paws’ and enjoy the season!

Social Graphic: Virtual Events

  • Click here to download the image
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: No need to roll your eyes when you can take a virtual sushi rolling class! And that’s just the start. Check out our complete list of virtual gathering ideas that aren’t Zoom happy hours at:

Local Supporting Local: Bakeries

Message: This season is full of sweet treats, but you know what makes them even better? When you don’t have to make them and your kitchen stays pristine! Take a look at our favorite local bakeries, all provided by PorchLight agents, then head out and grab your nearest chocolate croissant! Visit to view the rest of the list (and recommendations)!

Message: Living in a state that has so much to do outside year-round has certainly paid off in 2020! Head on out and enjoy one of the many outdoor activities that are waiting for you in the great Colorado wilderness (or groomed trails)!

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