Agent Social Media Calendar, Dec 22-28

Holidays: A Good Time To Be Authentic

You’ve heard it said before—being authentic on social media is key to unlocking a successful social media presence. It makes you relatable and more approachable. It also builds trust before a potential client even meets you in real life. So, what better time to be authentic than during the holidays?

This doesn’t need to mean baring your soul to everyone about your holiday plans or giving away your family’s secret cookie recipe, but it can be a starting point. Don’t overthink it. It’s essentially just what you would talk to people about if you were together—but screen-to-screen instead of face-to-face. Post a few pictures of what you’re doing this time of year whether that’s baking cookies, laying low, closing on a home for a client, creating new traditions with your family, etc. 

The biggest part of your business is you, so let your people know what you’re up to, what’s on your mind, or anything else you want to tell them. This is the season of togetherness during a year when we can’t be physically together. Social media is a natural way to fill those gaps—make sure you’re included. 

Social Posts for the Coming Week

Remember to read and double-check before posting to make sure that you haven’t copied and pasted any portion of the instructions into your post!

View the class on proper posting here.

A quick refresher on how to post the provided content:

    • Copy and paste the text into your status bar on Facebook via desktop or the app. If there’s text in red, a photo should appear below what you just pasted. 
    • Scroll to the top of what you just posted and remove the link. You can check that the actual link remained active by making sure the photo that appeared is still there. 
    • If something in the suggested post doesn’t quite feel like you, feel free to make edits and show your personality. Finally, click “Post” and you’re done!
    • To share something from Facebook just click the “Click here” link in the calendar below, then click “Share” on the post. 
        • For your personal page, you will just input the suggested text, then click Post. 
        • For a business page, you’ll click the dropdown page, click “Share on a page you manage” then choose your business page, then input the suggested text and click Post.
        • This is the same on mobile, only before anything for both personal profiles or a business page you’ll need to click “Write a Post.”
      • If you have a listing post the following on the day it goes live:
        • A blurb about the home such as: Incredible 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo in the perfect Downtown Denver location! $225,000. 
        • The link to your listing’s virtual tour to generate traffic. Double-check that all information is up-to-date, contact your ASC to correct anything.
  • Best Practices for Instagram:
    1. Download all the photos onto your computer
    2. Share them to your phone in your preferred method 
      • E-mail, AirDrop, text, etc. 
        • If you have a Mac, AirDrop is the easiest way, just make sure it’s turned on first. Here are instructions. 
    3. Copy + paste the captions and share them to your phone in your preferred method
          • E-mail, text, etc. 
          • Or open the social media calendar on your phone and copy them from there
          • Note that links cannot be placed in Instagram captions. You’ll need to place it in your bio, you can find instructions on how to here. 

Social Graphic: ColoradoBiz Magazine’s Top 200 Private Companies

  • Click here to download the image
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: Wow. We’ve been climbing this list each year and it’s all thanks to incredible clients like you who have supported my business and helped the PorchLight team achieve our goals. Read more about it at

Denver Stats: November

  • Click here to download the image
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: While the weather has cooled, the Denver real estate market hasn’t. Sales are quick and competitive, but interest rates remain low to give buyers more home for their buck. Get our full report at or contact me and let’s talk strategy!

Message: From dining in a ski gondola to a private yurt, leave it to Colorado restaurants to come up with innovative ways to provide a safe dining experience!

Message: However you’re spending this day, I hope you’re enjoying it! Not sure what to do? Let me give you a few ideas.

Local Supporting Local: Gift Shops

Message: Whether you’re treating yourself or grabbing a belated gift we have so many locally-owned stores to choose from!  Visit to view more, and let me know if there are any others you’d recommend!

Message: Proud to be part of PorchLight, a brokerage that prioritizes my client’s data security. This article from RealScout gives a look into how our strategy provides the best possible client experience. Not familiar with RealScout? Message me and I can set you up!

Social Graphic: National Card Playing Day

  • Click here to download the images (zip file)
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook Page when it’s posted

Message: Happy National Card Playing Day! You know what they say—if you’re going to play, play to win. 

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