Agent Social Media Calendar, May 6-May 12

Welcome to another week of suggested social media posts that will help keep you connected with your people and support your business! Let’s get right to our tip of the week…

Maximizing Social Media to Promote Your Listings

As the market starts to pick back up again, many of you are likely asking, “What should I be sharing about my listings when they go on market?” Good question! We’ll provide examples of posts you should post as well as content you have readily available. From there, you will correspond it to your listing timeline and house information. 

Just Listed:

  • When do I post it? The day the home goes on the market.
  • What photo do I use? You can use PorchLight’s Just Listed graphic that you’ll automatically get from your ASC or an exterior shot of the home. 
  • Sample Text: Check out this great new listing in Highlands Ranch! It has amazing mountain views, as well as a chef’s kitchen and huge backyard. If you’re looking to make a move or you’d like to take a peek, let me know!

Virtual Open Houses:

  • When do I post it? Post 3-5 days before the VOH and again a day before.
  • What photo do I use? You can use the Open House graphic provided automatically by your ASC or the best home photo/a few home photos. Just be sure to clarify that it will be a virtual open house and include the link to your Facebook event. 
  • Sample Text: I’m hosting a Virtual Open House this weekend! Don’t miss the chance to view this move-in ready townhome in Lakewood. For more info, take a look at my event page: [LINK to FB event page].
  • For More Info: Check out this recorded video of the class!


  • What’s a follow-up? A follow-up post is a content-based post about the home after it goes live that is NOT necessarily correlated to an event like an OH/offer, etc.
  • When do I post? These are up to your discretion, so you’ll use your best judgment based on the traffic the home is getting and the room you have in your social media schedule.
  • What photos/graphics do I use? Photos of the home—specifically interesting features that will go hand-in-hand with your text. People love looking at homes and you have professional quality photos at your fingertips, use them!
  • Sample Text: Check out this kitchen! If you keep thinking you need more counter space, give me a call! 
  • How do I make them stand out? You can get creative with these posts! Think utilizing interesting features like Facebook’s 360 Photos (information here). 

Just Sold

  • When do I post it? When the home closes.
  • What photo do I use? You can use one of PorchLight’s graphic’s here or to have it stand out, you can get a picture with your clients and use that. 
  • Sample Text: Another gorgeous home sold in downtown Boulder! Couldn’t be happier to have helped my clients find the home of their dreams. Let me know if you’d like to find yours!

Social Posts for the Coming Week

Remember to read and double-check before posting to make sure that you haven’t copied and pasted any portion of the instructions into your post!

A quick refresher on how to post the provided content:

  • Copy and paste the text into your status bar on Facebook via desktop or the app. If there’s text in red, a photo should appear below what you just pasted. 
  • Scroll to the top of what you just posted and remove the link. You can check that the actual link remained active by making sure the photo that appeared is still there. 
  • If something in the suggested post doesn’t quite feel like you, feel free to make edits and show your personality. Finally, click “Post” and you’re done!
  • To share something from Facebook just click the “Click here” link in the calendar below, then click “Share” on the post. 
      • For your personal page, you will just input the suggested text, then click Post. 
      • For a business page, you’ll click the dropdown page, click “Share on a page you manage” then choose your business page, then input the suggested text and click Post.
      • This is the same on mobile, only before anything for both personal profiles or a business page you’ll need to click “Write a Post.”
    • If you have a listing post the following on the day it goes live:
      • A blurb about the home such as: Incredible 1-bedroom 1-bathroom condo in the perfect Downtown Denver location! $225,000. 
      • The link to your listing’s virtual tour to generate traffic. Double-check that all information is up-to-date, contact your ASC to correct anything.

Social Graphic: Mortgage Relief Options
Our most recent PCP covers the available programs for homeowners currently facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Click here to download the zip file with graphics for Instagram
  • Click here to share from the Porchlight Facebook page 
  • Message: Mortgage relief has been mentioned a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? Which option could be right for you? Here are 3 steps you can take towards hopefully finding some financial breathing room. If you need any further help, please feel free to get in touch.

Postcard Social Graphics: Cocktails & Mocktails
This month’s postcard features easy, breezy summer cocktail and mocktail recipes, along with how to get alcohol delivered while staying safer-at-home. 

  • Click here to download the zip file with graphics for Instagram. You can include graphics for alcohol delivery in all three locations (Boulder, Denver and the South Suburbs) or just the one most relevant to your audience. 
  • Click here to share from the PorchLight Facebook page. You can also post one of the full-sized postcard graphics based on a single location:
  • Message: Do you have a go-to cocktail recipe? Let me know below! If you not, here are a few to get you started–plus a few liquor delivery options to save you a trip to the store if you find yourself inspired. 

PorchLight’s Full Plates Project, a virtual food drive collecting donations that will be matched by PorchLight up to $10,000. You can use graphics to support one or both organizations: Food Bank of the Rockies, serving Denver (and beyond) and Community Food Share, specifically supporting Boulder/Broomfield Counties.

  • Click here to download the COVER graphic
  • Pick ONE companion graphic: 
    • Click here to download the Food Bank of the Rockies (Denver) graphic
    • Click here to download the Community Food Share (Boulder) graphic
    • Click here to download the combined graphic
  • Or share our combined post by visiting PorchLight’s Facebook page after 9am on Friday
  • Message: We’re holding a virtual food drive to nourish our friends and neighbors in need. No donation is too small and PorchLight will match all contributions up to $10,000. So far we’ve raised over $1,000 in our first week, let’s keep it going!
Message: This is so cool! I love seeing everyone be so creative and getting to support Colorado small businesses in such unique ways. Placing my order tonight!

Social Graphic: Mother’s Day

  • Click here to download the graphic
  • Click here to share the post from Facebook when it’s posted @ 9am
  • Message: Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mothers out there, I hope you feel all the love and appreciation sent your way today. 

Marketing Tip: This is a great one to personalize! Add in a note about a special mom in your life, or your experience today if you are a mother.

Message: This will be great for Downtown Denver! Now if baseball can just come back sometime soon…

Message: If you’re not sure where to get takeout, curbside or delivery from tonight, check into the best of the best. It’s so great to see these local businesses and talented chefs representing Colorado for such a prestigious honor. 

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