Girl Scout Cookies Ready for Porch Drop-Offs & Delivery

What: We’ve updated the Girl Scout Cookie Generator to be used as a quick, “thinking about you” gift for your clients. Simply drop it off on their front porch and encourage them to enjoy a cookie break! You can also request our NEW delivery service (details and cost below) which will be offered to all agents while the stay-at-home order is in place.
How This Is Used: While people are likely stocked on essentials and meals for their families, snacks and treats may not have made the list—or supplies are just running low. By dropping off a box or two of cookies, you’ll cure their sweet tooth and keep your name top of mind. 
Available: NOW!
How to Access: Order now on the Hub. If you would like cookies or a different generator dropped off for you, please select the delivery option on each product page.
Did You Know? While the original generator included a beer pairing chart, we’ve removed that messaging to keep it kid-friendly and not tempt anyone to make unnecessary beer runs.

Details About Gift Delivery

Temporary Service: This will only be available until the stay-at-home order is lifted. We’re offering this optional service to address current circumstances and help our agents thrive when this is over.
Which Gifts Are Available For Delivery: All items on the Generators & Gifts page are eligible for delivery (and can be ordered through the Hub) except the following items, which can be mailed: coffee gift cards, magazine subscriptions, post-inspection gifts.
Cost For DeliveryDelivery charges are $10 per delivery which does not include the cost of the gift. Your agent account will be billed—so invoiced, then charged to the card on file on the 10th of each month. Hub credits cannot be used toward delivery costs.
Delivery Area:  Delivery is only offered within the PorchLight service area.
How To Order: Agents should order each delivery gift separately and put the recipient’s name, address and any special delivery instructions in the address box. 
Delivery Timeline:  Generators are fulfilled and ready for pickup within 5 business days of ordering. Delivery will be available the business day after fulfillment is complete. So, delivered orders can take up to 6 business days, but we’ll do our best to make the turnaround time shorter!
Delivery Person Questions:  If the delivery person has any questions, they’ll call or text the agent directly. Otherwise, they’ll text the agent as soon as the delivery has been made, so the agent can follow up with their person, make sure they received it, and connect!
Got Questions? Email, and we’ll be happy to help. 

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