Exporting Important Dates From the CRM

What: You can now export client birthdays and home anniversaries from your CRM. It’s a great way to keep in touch, even increase referrals.
Details: Here are just a few things you need to know.

  • It will pull all contacts who have a birthdate or home anniversary date, but will not pull contacts who do not have one of those dates.
  • If your contact’s birthday was entered into Connect1 without a birth year, the system filled in the blanks with either 2000 or 2019 during the migration to Connect2. If you need to know your client’s exact age, you’ll want to update these!
  • When you have a primary and secondary contact with important dates entered into the CRM, they will show up on separate lines. Whichever name appears in columns A/B will have their important date listed in columns L/M. In the example below, Mike Mohning’s birthday is 3/30/82 and Jaclyn’s birthday is 5/14/00.

How to Export Dates

Start by logging into your account on Connect2. Next:

1. Go to Contacts >> View Contacts
2. Click the box in the upper left corner to select all, then click on the down arrow to see more options. Choose “Select All” (rather than “Select This Page”)
3. Under “Bulk Action” choose “Export
Important Dates”
4. From the Select Timeframe pop-up, select the time frame you wish to include, whether a specific month or “All Months,” then click Export.

That’s it! A Microsoft Excel file (.CSV) will now download to your computer. For questions, please contact your Operations Leader or marketing@porchlightgroup.com.

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