January Postcard: 2021 Bingo

What: January’s postcard encourages your clients to play 2021 Bingo with PorchLight and even win a prize by completing a variety of fun and simple activities, like read a book, take an online class or donate to a local charity. 
Prize & Participation Details:

  • Along with a referral message, the backside of the postcard includes “play to win” instructions—posting a photo of their bingo card and tagging PL on social media.
  • If you post the social graphics, clients can download the bingo card from Facebook or our blog, even take an Instagram screenshot and mark it up on their phone.
  • For winning entries, we’ll reach out to you and provide a list of prize generators to choose from—you can then pick it up from your home office and present it during a quick pop-by! It’s a great way to touch base.
  • If a client emails or texts a card to you, send it along to marketing@porchlightgroup.com.

How Postcards Are Used: Up to 200 postcards are automatically mailed to contacts in your CRM who have a physical mailing address and are assigned to either a Referral Type or Pipeline Group–except “Not PL Qualified” and “Not Converted,” which don’t receive postcards.
Available: Postcards were mailed out this week and should land in mailboxes soon. You can also download the postcard by clicking on the buttons—or send out a virtual postcard to any new contacts you may have recently added. 
Sharing on Social: This will be posted to PL’s feeds and included in next week’s Agent Social Media Calendar. You may also want to hold off posting until cards start landing in your clients’ mailboxes next week.
However, if you want to share now, here are the details:

  • For Instagram, we have two square graphics for you to post. On Facebook, you can use the square graphics or download the JPEG and feature the full image.
  • Include a message such as: Play 2021 Bingo and find happiness in the little things! Want to play to win? If you didn’t receive a bingo card in the mail, contact me directly or download one and get instructions on how to submit your entry at bit.ly/plbingo

Did You Know? While the game has its roots in Italy and France, it was likely first called “Bingo” in the U.S., in 1929. It’s said that a toy manufacturer, Edwin Lowe, played the game at a carnival where it was called “Beano” due to beans being used to mark numbers. He then played with friends, one of which was so elated at winning, she shouted “Bingo!” instead of “Beano!” Lowe then packaged the game for sale and the rest is history. 

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