July Postcard: Summer Olympics and Colorado Athletes

What: Your July postcard features athletes from Colorado who have qualified to represent Team USA at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The mailer also includes some of the state’s most esteemed athletes and a unique bit of trivia—Denver is the only city that has declined hosting the Olympics.

How Postcards Are Used: This monthly service mails up to 250 postcards to your CRM contacts who have a physical address and are assigned to either a Referral Type or Pipeline Group, except for “Not PL Qualified” and “Not Converted.” For contacts over 250, you’ll be billed each month at a rate of 44 cents per mailer. Adjust your CRM as needed or contact your Marketing Manager for assistance.

Available: Postcards are landing in mailboxes soon. You can also download and send a PDF via email to recently added contacts. Need a Facebook post? Share the blog which provides more information, including dates for the various events so that your people can cheer on Colorado.

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  • For Instagram, we have a series of graphics for you to post. On Facebook, use the square graphics or download the postcard JPEG and feature the full image.
  • Message: Get ready to cheer on these athletes from Colorado at the 2024 Summer Olympics! Superstars from across the state will go for the gold in a variety of sports from climbing to volleyball, swimming, rowing and more. For details and specific dates, check out bit.ly/olympicsco.

Did You Know? Breaking (break dancing) will make its debut at this year’s Olympics. In this competition, 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will face off in solo battles to secure the judges’ votes and take home a medal.

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