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Relocation, Referrals & Internet Leads

PorchLight has a business relationship with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, commonly referred to as “LeadingRE.” Due to this relationship, it is required that any outgoing referral transaction outside PorchLight areas of business go through the relocation department. In order to be eligible for relocation transactions, an agent must meet the requirements and review the policies below prior to giving or accepting any outside referral or relocation business.

Relocation Leads

Agent Requirements
To be on the PorchLight Relocation Team you will need to meet the following criteria, which are aligned with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World’s policies and procedures:

  1. Porchlight CME designation or actively working towards CME designation.
  2. Have sent at least one outgoing referral to our team.
  3. Have closed a minimum of 6 transactions or have a minimum of 3 years of real estate experience.
  4. Provide extremely timely communication and updates to the relocation department as needed.

To be eligible to receive relocation leads, start by filling out the profile form, so we can understand your background and areas of specialty to better match you with our incoming relocation leads. 

Lead Assignment
Relocation leads are assigned based on an agents knowledge of the geographical area the client is seeking, and also psychographic commonalities with the customer. When assigning any incoming and internet lead referrals, we are as fair as possible and do not give special weight to any one agent. It is our commitment to ensure every agent in the program gets the opportunity to receive a fair amount of leads.

Internet Leads

Agent Requirements

To be on the Internet Lead team you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. PorchLight CME designation
  2. Have sent at least one outgoing referral to our team
  3. Provide extremely timely communication and updates to the relocation department as needed

To be eligible to receive internet leads, contact Pam Darby at 720.390.4495 or pamela@porchlightgroup.com.

Lead Assignment
Internet leads come to our public-facing website at porchlightgroup.com through organic and paid marketing techniques. Leads from the website are not automatically assigned to an agent as they come through. The relocation department scrubs the lead and then assigns the lead. When looking for an agent to assign, we use the Relocation & Lead Tracker, and select an agent with their CME in the requested area. 

It is important for any agent receiving this type of lead to understand that internet leads may take a long time to convert. The expectation for an agent working with an internet lead is to stay in touch diligently through the entire lifetime this lead stays in their pipeline.

Incoming/Outgoing Referrals & Internet Lead Fees

  • Outgoing referrals are 30%
  • Incoming LeadingRE referrals are 40%
  • Third Party/Relocation Management companies are 43%
  • Opcity/Realtor.com Leads are 50%
  • PorchLight Internet Leads are 15%

NOTE: If an agent is being requested, PorchLight will not up-charge the referral fee. If the referring company is charging a 37.5% referral fee then that is what the requested agent pays.

General Questions, Check The Status Or Place An Outgoing Referral

Please call Pam Darby at 720.390.4495 or email pamela@porchlightgroup.com.

LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio International Classes & Webinars

Referral Policy

Referral agreements between Broker Associates and outside parties should always be in writing and signed by PorchLight’s Relocation Director. Incoming and in-house referral fees must be paid to PorchLight Real Estate Group. PorchLight will then disperse per the Broker Associate’s commission at that time. Each agent receives his or her percentage portion of the total sales volume. All referral agreements shall be turned into the Transaction Coordinator at the time of the agreement.

Floor Shift Policy

PorchLight has Floor shifts out of both the Denver and Boulder operations. Broker Associates do not have to be present in an office in order to participate in floor. They may work from any location, but it is required they have computer, internet, and phone access for the full shift. Upon the start of their assigned shift, the agent must send an email to both broadwayac@porchlightgroup.com and boulderac@porchlightgroup.com to “sign in” and notify the staff they are available for their shift.

Agents based out of the Boulder office are permitted to sign up for floor shifts only on the Boulder Floor calendar. There are no limits on shifts for the Boulder Floor calendar. Agents based out of the Cherry Creek, DTC, or Highlands offices are permitted to sign up for floor shifts only on the Denver Floor calendar. 

When a Broker Associate does not show up for their Floor shift, it damages PorchLight’s reputation because we do not have a qualified Broker Associate available to answer questions and convert leads. Because of this, there is a consequence for not showing up to your Floor shift: suspension from Floor eligibility for one month.

No Obligation To Supply Leads/Referrals

The Company shall have no responsibility whatsoever to provide leads or referrals. Although the Company may provide leads and referrals to Broker Associate, the Company shall have no obligation to provide the same, and Broker Associate may not rely upon any history of providing leads and referrals.

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