Learning the PorchLight Way

Whether with our how-to business training videos, or our live classes & recordings, PorchLight’s learning resources cover everything from our extensive systems, to contracts, to social media. Come back to check out offerings often—we’re always adding valuable new opportunities to help you learn, sharpen your skills, and grow your business.

Live Classes & Recordings

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Business Fundamentals Coaching
This weekly review of business-building fundamentals, along with accountability discussions, will help you stay focused. It is recommended that you stay in this group for one year (four, 10-week sessions) as success requires consistency over time. This weekly class starts the week after the PorchLight Two-Day Agent Skills Workshop session and continues for 9 more weeks to help you stay on track and reach new heights in your business.
Introduction to PorchLight Technology
This class will show you how to find resources in the Toolbox and Hub. You will also get acquainted with your CRM and learn the different groups that the CRM will sort your contacts into.
How to Do a Deal, Service Listings and Get Paid at PorchLight
This class will coach you through the process of a deal using the PorchLight CRM and Connect2 to generate a seamless workflow of communication for your buyer and listing contracts from your CRM to your Transaction Coordinator from beginning the deal until getting paid. We will prepare a sample buyer contract submission, a sample listing submission including LS1 And LS2. We will also review PorchLight’s available listing services and the role your transaction coordinator plays in getting your deals closed.
PorchLight Marketing Tools
This class will show you all of the resources that create the PorchLight magic! How do you create Client facing marketing using the Design Studio. Where do you go to get your Social Media posts, Professional Credibility Pieces and obtain generator gifts. How do you send your postcards and have them automated. What should you send with your notecards and how do you know when to send them.
PorchLight Listing and Buyer Presentations
How to order a buyer or listing presentation. What is inside of the presentation and how is it explained to the client. How do you use Cloud CMA to create a CMA. How can you present the CMA electronically to your client.
Increasing Referrals and Lead Conversion with PorchLight Automation Workshop
You will learn how to set up the contacts in your CRM by sorting and qualifying them to create custom marketing plans which will automate marketing your business to your sphere of influence. Use Real Scout to set up automated search emails to your buyers and to your recently closed sellers for their neighborhood so they can stay on top of their market. What is the PorchLight Hour of Power and Standards of Practice. How can you automate statistics and neighborhood reports so that you are a market expert and source of knowledge for your clients.
PorchLife: Understanding PorchLight Culture
All the things that make Porchlight go! How do we communicate as an organization and where can you find the resources that you might need to be integrated into the PorchLight family.
Weekly Seasoned Agent Accountability & Inspiration
Designed for more seasoned agents, this group will discuss higher-level strategies and provide each other with inspiration and collaboration. It’s the ideal fit if you want to keep your head in a positive space and breathe greater opportunity into your business. This will run as a 10-week sprint to help you keep focused, connected and engaged with like-minded peers each quarter. We recommend participating in two sessions per year.
Top Producer Masterminds
Mid to top producers gather each month to share winning ideas and strategies to keep everyone at the top of their game.
• Titanium Club Mastermind: For agents $30M+ annual production
• Platinum Club Mastermind: For agents $20M to $29.99M annual production
• Gold Club Mastermind: For agents $10M to $19.99M annual production
• Silver Club Mastermind: For agents $6M to $9.99M annual production

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Investor Masterminds
Monthly facilitated discussions to help seasoned real estate investors build more wealth with real estate. Click the Learn More button to reach out to the MB team for more information. Must own and invest in property.
Auxiliary Contracts
Get a detailed review of ancillary CREC-approved documents for buyers and sellers. Brokerage Disclosures, Amend/Extends, Sellers Property Disclosure, Inspection Objection and more!
Contract Templates
Create templates that reduce the time needed to draft contracts, facilitate faster revisions and ensure accuracy with approved contract language. Includes Contract to Buy and Sell and more.
Line-By-Line Contracts
Learn how to write contracts and disclosures to PorchLight standards, as well as protect your clients, win more deals and create a positive reputation in the real estate community.
Monthly Huddle
Join us for a monthly recap on all things PorchLight! Use the links to register for the next Huddle, watch the previous Huddle or view the previous Huddle presentation.
Boulder Market Education (3 Sections)
This three-part class teaches the history, trends, stats, economic drivers and distinguishing characteristics for key Boulder area neighborhoods.
Download Boulder Textbook
Download Boulder Preview Sheets
Denver Market Education (3 Sections)
This three-part class teaches the history, trends, stats, economic drivers and distinguishing characteristics for key Denver neighborhoods.
Download Denver Textbook
Download Denver Preview Sheets
North Suburban Market Education (3 Sections)
This three-part class teaches the history, trends, stats, economic drivers and distinguishing characteristics for key Northern suburbs.
Download North Suburbs Textbook
Download North Suburban Preview Sheets
South Suburban Market Education (3 Sections)
This three-part class teaches the history, trends, stats, economic drivers and distinguishing characteristics for key Southern suburbs.
Download South Suburbs Textbook
Download South Suburban Preview Sheets
Boulder County Market Education (3 Sections)
This three-part class teaches the history, trends, stats, economic drivers and distinguishing characteristics for key Boulder County cities and towns.
Download Boulder County Textbook
Download Boulder County Preview Sheets
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Utilizing The Social Media Calendar
Ready to master our Agent Social Media Calendar? This is the class to get you started!
Business Accounts For Social Media
Learn which social media platforms are worth your time as an agent.
Expanding On The ASMC
Have you mastered using our Agent Social Media Calendar and you’re ready to take it to the next level? Here you’ll learn how to customize this tool more to your personality and specific brand and following.
Instagram For Agents
Dive into best practices and ideas for different media types like Reelz, Stories, IGTV and more.
Navigating The Facebook Algorithm
Learn the inner workings of Facebook and best practices to optimize your content!
Tip & Tricks To Save Time On Social Media
Dive into the best practices to maximize your time spent on social media.
Social Demographics & How To Utilize Them
Discover what your target market is doing on social, and where you can meet them.
Facebook Ads 101
Learn the basics and best practices of social advertising on this popular platform.
LinkedIn For Agents
Learn about LinkedIn best practices, content ideas, action items and more.
Building A Social Media Strategy
Discover how to be intentional with your social media and create a cohesive action plan.
Keys To Creating a Personal Brand on Social Media
Learn how to build a personal brand and align your social channels across multiple platforms.
Denver Stats & Trends
Brenna Harper, Land Title
An overview of the Denver area market.
Boulder Stats – In Depth
Anthony Meisner, Land Title
An in depth look at the Boulder County market.

How-To & Business Training Videos

These self-directed Systems Training videos are designed to provide you all you need to know about how to use PorchLight systems. 

PorchLight Agent Toolbox Overview

PorchLight Google Platform

Ordering Onboarding Package

Engaging In PorchLight Culture

Request A Listing Presentation

Get Services Started On Your Listing

Request Marketing For Your Listing

Submit A Seller Under Contract

Submit A Buyer Under Contract

PorchLight Listing Process

PorchLight Buyer Process

What Your BA/TC Does For You

PorchLight Database Services

CRM Dashboard

Sorting & Qualifying Referral Sources

Sorting & Qualifying Pipeline Contacts

Contact Basics

Total Your Pipeline For Accurate Projections

Contact Automation

PorchLight Follow Up Plans

Maintaining Business Automation

Quarterly Goal Setting

Creating a Custom Marketing Plan

Creating a Custom Email Template
Using the CRM Campaign Module

Connect2 Business Dashboard

Agent Diagnostic Report

Open House Program

How Commissions Are Paid

Marketing Tools On The Hub

PorchLight Listing Tools

PorchLight Buyer Tools

PorchLight Personal Brand Shop

PorchLight Social Media Support
PL Design Studio: Getting Started
PL Design Studio: Customizing a PCP PL Design Studio: Agent Social Graphics PL Design Studio: Property Social Graphics
PL Design Studio: Graphics in the CRM

RealScout Searches

PorchLight Neighborhood Stats

LiveBy Neighborhood Stats

Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA From Matrix

Cloud CMA Live For Presentations

Cloud CMA Buyer Tour

PorchLight Relocation 101

PorchLight Internet Lead Generation

Effective Open Houses

Masterful Lead Conversion

Building Referring Relationships

PorchLight Listing Presentation

PorchLight Contract Templates

Building Referring Relationships

Increasing Lead Conversion

Winning More Listings

Generating More Referrals

Market Education Day

Delivering Excellence To Sellers

Social Media

Evaluating Your Business

Strengthening Your Foundation

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