PLS Policies & Pricing

Listing—Available Services

Professional, Integrated Coordination of All ServicesIncluded in Split/Resource Fee
Listing Syndication to Multiple Websites
LeadingRE Exposure
Luxury Portfolio International Exposure for $1M+ Listings
Yard Sign Installation & Removal
(including name rider, coming soon & under contract rider)
Pre-Listing Services Support Line
(7 days a week)
Base Property Marketing Suite
15 horizontal or tri-fold brochures, 25 bookmark flyers, 1 laminated sign, special feature cards, eFlyer
Luxury Property Marketing Suite ☂️
15 booklet brochures, 25 bookmark flyers, 1 laminated sign,
special feature cards, eFlyer
Tiered: $200
Core: $250
Occupied Staging Consult ☂
(consultation, comprehensive staging report)
Tiered: $300
Core: $450
Occupied Consultation + Staging Package (starting price—final is a custom quote based on staging required)Umbrella: $1,000
Tiered: $1,400
Core: $2,000
Base Vacant Staging Services☂
(consultation, professional staging of standard rooms for 2 months)
Tiered: $1,895
Core: $3,500
Base Vacant Staging - Additional RoomsTiered: $250 each
Core: $300 each
Base Vacant Staging Monthly Furniture Rental Cost
(beyond first 2 months included in original stage; not prorated)
Luxury Vacant Staging Services
(consultation, elevated professional staging for 2 months)
Umbrella: $250+
Tiered based on SF:
0 - 1,500 SF: $2,000+
1,501 - 2,500 SF: $3,000+
2,501 - 5,000 SF: $4,500+
5,001+ SF: custom estimates provided
All monthly fees are based on furniture items selected. Monthly fee will be provided at the time of consultation.
Core: Starting at $4,500
Luxury Vacant Staging - Additional RoomsTiered & Umbrella: $250 each
Core: $300 each
Listing Measurement☂0 - 1,500 SF: $150 Tiered, $175 Core
1,501 - 2,500 SF: $175 Tiered, $200 Core
2,501 - 5,000 SF: $200 Tiered, $225 Core
5,001+ SF: $225+
Pre-Market "Market Shine" Cleaning☂0 - 1,500 SF: $200 Tiered, $225 Core
1,501 - 2,500 SF: $250 Tiered, $275 Core
2,501 - 4,000 SF: $300 Tiered, $325 Core
4,001+ SF: $50 per each add'l 1,000SF
Full Clean
(pre-market or move out)
0 - 1,500 SF: $350 Tiered & Core
1,501 - 2,500 SF: $400 Tiered, $550 Core
2,501 - 4,000 SF: $450 Tiered, $750 Core
4,001 - $5,000 SF: $500 Tiered, $1,000 Core
Add-on Options:
• Interiors of Cabinets (only available for vacant listings): $75
• Interiors of Fridge (only available for vacant listings): $75
• Interiors of oven: $100
PorchLight Photography Package☂
(Umbrella package includes 25 photos)
0 - 2,000 SF (25 - 30 images): $155 Tiered, $175 Core
2,001 - 3,000 SF (30 - 35 images): $180 Tiered, $190 Core
3,001 - 4,000 SF (35 - 45 images): $195 Tiered, $210 Core
4,001 - 5,000 SF (40 - 50 images): $210 Tiered, $230 Core
5,001 - 6,000 SF (50+ images): $225 Tiered, $260 Core
6,001 - 7,000 SF (50+ images): $250 Tiered, $280 Core
7,001+ SF: custom quote required
Additional Photos to Highlight Features (for Umbrella package only)
(20 photos)
$50 or included for Luxury Listings
Twilight Stills
(6 - 8 photos)
$165 Tiered, $195 Core
Virtual Twilight Stills$30/image Tiered, $40/image Core
Aerial Stills
(5 photos)
$125 Tiered, $135 Core
Aerial Stills
(10 photos)
$165 Tiered, $175 Core
Twilight Aerial Stills
(5 photos)
$195 Tiered, $245 Core
Detail Stills
(10 photos)
$40 Tiered, $55 Core
Neighborhood Stills$45 Tiered, $55 Core
Building Amenity Stills$45 Tiered, $55 Core
Virtual Staging$40/image Tiered, $50/image Core
Unique Property URL for Virtual Tour$25
Partial Reshoot/Pre-shoot or Split Appointment$85
Matterport 3D Scan0 - 2,000 SF: $195 Tiered & Core
2,001 - 3,000 SF: $195 Tiered, $235 Core
3,001 - 4,000 SF: $195 Tiered, $265 Core
4,001 - 5,000 SF: $195 Tiered, $295 Core
5,001 - 6,000 SF: $195 Tiered, $325 Core
6,001 - 7,000 SF: $225 Tiered, $350 Core
7,001+ SF: custom quote required
1 Minute Video (Cinematic)Starting At $350
2 Minute Video (Cinematic)Starting At $400
2+ Minute Video (Cinematic)Starting At $475+
Video Add-On: Agent On-Screen IntroStarting At $60
Video Add-On: Agent Voice NarrationStarting At $60
Video Add-On: Title OverlaysStarting At $60
Aerial Only VideoStarting At $360
Zillow 3D Home0 - 2,000 SF: $70
2,001 - 4,000 SF: $95
4,001 - 6,000 SF: $115

☂ These services are included for all Umbrella agents.

Listing Services Calculator

This listing services calculator will allow agents on any of the Tiered commission plans to estimate charges for services chosen on any specific listing. 

Pre-Listing Services

View and download the Listing Process timeline PCP here.

If Broker Associates elect to use PorchLight Standard Listing Services, PorchLight will begin pre-market services after receiving a completed listing submission and executed listing agreement. If a Seller is able to complete their assigned “homework” within 2 business days, PorchLight will guarantee an active market date within 7 business days. Waiving any of the available services will not adjust the listing to an earlier market date.

The following services are included on the Umbrella plan and available to all Broker Associates on the Tiered plans:

  1. Yard Sign Installation
  2. Measured Floor Plan
  3. Market Shine Cleaning
  4. Professional Photography & Virtual Tour
  5. Staging Consultations for Occupied Listings
  6. Staging of Vacant Listings

After all requested services have been scheduled, both the Broker Associate and the homeowner will receive a Pre-Market Services calendar. The calendar contains all of the dates and times the various services will be performed. The Broker Associate is welcome and encouraged to meet any and all service professionals at the home.

Property Signage Placed

Sign Installation Policy

  • All of our signs are professionally installed. PorchLight signs are tastefully large and have a solar light that illuminates at night to draw attention 24 hours a day.
  • Broker Associate has the option to specify where the sign should be placed. If they choose to indicate where they would like the sign installed, they must place the available “utility” flag in the yard in the appropriate place. If the Broker Associate misguides the placement, or does not like where the sign was placed on their behalf, PorchLight will only move the sign if the Broker Associate pays the $100 re-installation fee.
  • PorchLight will automatically schedule the sign installation the day before market date. This will happen for both vacant and occupied listings and signs will not include a coming soon rider. If a Broker Associate would like their sign installed early, they will need to request an early installation and therefore commit to inputting the listing in the MLS as Coming Soon within the appropriate time frame for compliance.
  • In accordance with Clear Cooperation Guidelines, a yard sign may be installed a few days prior to the property being active on the market. For these installs, PorchLight will install a “coming soon” rider. Once the property is active, PorchLight will remove the coming soon rider from the sign. Broker Associates should not remove coming soon riders without notifying the office prior to doing so. If a coming soon rider is removed without a notification to the staff, PorchLight will charge a $100 trip fee.
  • PorchLight will hang the Broker Associates name rider simultaneously. If we do not have a Broker Associate’s name rider in the warehouse at the time of sign installation, we will install the sign without the name rider and notify the Broker Associate. It is the Broker Associates responsibility to verify they have ample sign riders in the warehouse. If a Broker Associate does not have a rider in stock and would like PorchLight to install the rider after the sign has been placed, a fee of $50 will apply.
  • If Sellers or Broker Associate request to have the sign removed from a property, for any reason, and later request the sign be re-installed, PorchLight will charge a $100 fee to re-install.
  • If the Broker Associate would like to have an additional yard sign placed at their listing, the cost is $100.


Measurements Standards

PorchLight offers appraiser floorplans or marketing sketches completed by the photography company.

  • Appraiser floorplans show a layout of the house with room dimensions and square footage breakdown.
  • Photographer floorplans show a layout of the house, no breakdown of square footage.
  • Floorplans have a 3 business day turnaround time.

If you elect to work with your own measurer (rather than ordering measuring services via PorchLight), here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • If no measurement services are ordered for your listing, we will use an additional property photo in the space normally reserved for the property floorplan on whichever inside brochure template you have selected.
  • If instead you’d like to provide your own floorplan, it must be a PDF file generated by a professional, and must be submitted to your TC/BA at least 2 business days prior to market date to guarantee marketing suite delivery by 4pm on market date. Delayed submissions will delay marketing material delivery.

Occupied Property Staging

Staging Consultation

  • For properties listed with the Sellers occupying the home, if a Broker Associate elects to use this service, we will have one of our Staging Coordinators work directly with Sellers to determine the best way to showcase the house with the Sellers’ belongings. The Staging Coordinator will contact the Seller directly within 1 business day of listing submission approval to set up the staging consultation appointment. Ideally the Seller and Broker Associate will be present for this consultation, however that is not always possible. We do encourage the Broker Associate to attend all occupied staging consults so that all parties are aware of the expectations of the Seller to get things ready.
  • During the staging consultation, PorchLight’s Staging Coordinator goes through each room of the house with the Seller giving suggestions as to how to best use their own furnishings and accessories and stage the house appropriately. This is not a commentary on the Seller’s style or taste, but rather the best way to present their home for selling purposes. These modifications can include such tasks as removing personal photos, painting a wall, removing or moving furniture out of a room, and cleaning up or removing clutter.
  • The Staging Coordinator will work with the Sellers to establish a due date for completion of the staging tasks, aka “homework.” The Staging Coordinator writes up a report, listing all the suggested staging modifications to the home and the homework due date. This report is then emailed to the Seller and the listing Broker Associate. The homework due date is specifically listed on the consultation report. Agents are responsible for confirming with the Seller that the listing is ready for services on the start date.
  • For any occupied property, PorchLight will not physically move or store any personal items of the Seller.
  • If a Broker Associate on the Umbrella plan uses this service as their initial included option for their seller and the Seller chooses to move out after the property is listed on the market and requests staging at that time, the Seller or Broker Associate will be charged for the original consultation, but will not be charged for the Vacant Staging Placement.

Occupied Staging Accessories Package

  • Staging accessories (pillows, plants, books, tchotchkes, etc) for occupied listings may be available. Pricing starts at $1,000 for the accessory package, but a custom estimate will be created based on the property and accessory needs. 
  • This service is provided through our outside staging partner, so must be requested in the Listing Submission 1 and may require additional days added to the pre-market schedule.

Staging Placement for Vacant Listings

Vacant Property Staging

  • Staging is not decorating or a reflection of personal style, it is the practice of styling and furnishing a property for sale in such a way as to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers.The purpose of staging is to sell the property for the highest dollar amount in the shortest amount of time. PorchLight staging is not intended to sell a home for more than it’s worth, but it can set a property apart and increase the selling price to the top of the range for comparable homes and cut the time on the market.
  • If a house is vacant, PorchLight will bring furniture and accessories into the home to stage it appropriately. The Staging Coordinator will decide what furniture and accessories to use at each property. While we understand that both Sellers and Broker Associates will have their personal views of how a home should be staged, PorchLight will defer to the Staging Coordinator for all decisions.
    • Most often PorchLight will stage the living room, dining room or eating area, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. Each home is unique and can vary. If you feel that it is important to stage other rooms, please list this request on the listing submission and we will try to accommodate your needs. As staging is about showing space, PorchLight does not guarantee specific spaces be staged. Some homes require two sets of living room furniture for the proper visualization of space, while other homes with two living rooms will not be staged as the space and its use can be clearly visualized empty.
    • If a Broker Associate on the Umbrella plan and they or the sellers request to have a property re-staged after original furniture has been removed, for any reason, the seller or Broker Associate will pay the full vacant staging cost. This fee does not apply in situations where a transaction is terminated after the staging furniture has been removed in preparation for closing. 
    • For Broker Associates on the Umbrella plan listing both sides of a duplex, PorchLight will only stage one side of the duplex. If the staged side goes under contract and the Seller or Broker Associate wishes to move the staging to the opposite side a $500 moving fee will apply.

Additional Standard Vacant Property Staging

Staging Coordinators have the final say on what is necessary for Standard Staging in any home. Staging beyond “standard” (including patio furniture), is charged per room per month. Currently additional staging is $250 per room, if needed; Listing Services will approve cost with the Broker Associate prior to installation.

End of Standard Staging Period Monthly Rental Rate

If a property has reached the end of its two-month included staging period, PorchLight will lease the furniture for a monthly fee. If Broker Associate or Sellers are interested in paying the monthly fee, the Broker Associate must notify Listing Services with a request to extend staging before the furniture is scheduled to be removed. See Listing Services Pricing Chart for pricing details.

Luxury Vacant Property Staging

  • For higher end luxury listings, PorchLight Standard Staging may not meet the client’s expectations. PorchLight offers Luxury Staging options starting at $2,000. 
  • The quoted price for this service covers the service fee, delivery fee and the first month furniture rental. Monthly rental fees are based on the furniture items selected.
  • Luxury Staging services take longer than Standard Staging. The average turnaround takes 7 business days from consultation to installation. 
  • If a Broker Associate on the Umbrella plan opts for this upgraded option in lieu of the Standard Staging, they will receive a credit of $1,000 toward their staging package.
  • See Listing Services Pricing Chart for pricing details.

Commonly Staged Areas 

0 - 1,500 SF1,501 - 2,500 SF2,501 - 5,000 SF5,001+ SF
• Living Space
• Kitchen Accessories
• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Accessory Package
• Living Space
• Dining Space
• Kitchen Accessories
• Master Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Accessory Package
• Living Space
• Dining Space
• Kitchen Accessories
• Master Bedroom
• Master Bathroom
• Accessory Package
• Living Space
• Dining Space
• Kitchen Accessories
• Master Bedroom
• Master Bathroom
• Accessory Package

Vacant Property “Ready To Go” Policy

  • Any vacant property receiving pre-market services must be 100% ready to go on the agreed upon “homework due date.” This means the property is no longer undergoing any type of construction, repair work, painting, and has received the appropriate level of cleaning if construction services were rendered. Additionally, all properties must have working electrical and water.
  • If PorchLight crew arrive and the property is not in “ready to go” condition, all services will be canceled and the Broker Associate (or client) will be charged a fee of up to $750. This fee must be paid before the canceled services will be rescheduled.

Staging Refusal Policy
PorchLight’s policy is to provide an equal level of service to all homes, but on very rare instances, staging services may be refused. When a vacant listing is being sold “as-is” and the clients aren’t willing to do any work to improve the condition of a home, PorchLight may refuse to stage the home at the discretion of the Staging Coordinator or Listing Services Manager. This could include issues such as level of cleanliness, odor, fear of continuing water damage, insect or pest problems, etc.

When there is concern about the condition of a home negatively affecting the staging furniture, PorchLight may require that the Broker Associate or client pay for a Full Clean to bring it up to an overall standard that is acceptable for services.

Elevator Reservation Policy
In the event a vacant listing requires an elevator reservation, the Broker Associate or Seller will be responsible for any deposits required by the HOA. The deposit must be delivered to the appropriate party before the Field Services team arrives for the staging appointment. In the event, the elevator reservation deposit has not been paid at the time of the staging appointment, cancellation fees will be applied and the market date will be postponed. 

Photography & Video

At PorchLight we require all listings be shot by a professional photographer. We have several internal options to serve our Broker Associates, but Broker Associates are welcome to use their own professional provider.

Standard Photography
The Standard Photography package, which includes roughly 25 still photos, a dedicated mini-website for your listing with a photo gallery, interactive floorplan (if floorplan is completed and purchased separately), map, and contact form, is included on the Umbrella commission structure. Extra photo packages can be purchased as an ad-on to any photo shoot.

Upgraded Photography
In some situations, a property may warrant a more personalized photography experience. This may be necessary for higher end luxury listings, a property that has detailed features, or if there are concerns with the Standard Photography not meeting the client’s expectations. 

  • If a Broker Associate on the Umbrella plan opts for this upgraded option in lieu of the Standard Photography, they will receive a credit of $150 toward their photography package.
Photography Standards

If you elect to work with your own photographer (rather than ordering photography services via PorchLight), here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • In order to get a full standard marketing suite, you must provide at least 20 photographs taken by a professional photographer showcasing a variety of areas of the property. For the luxury marketing suite, you must provide at least 40 professional photos.
  • If you cannot provide the minimum number of photos, professional exterior photos are still required and the Inside Brochure will not be created. In addition to the bookmarks, laminated flyer and special feature cards, 15 non-laminated copies of the flyer can be printed in lieu of the Inside Brochure.
  • Non-professional property photos may be submitted for use in social graphics, or in addition to professional photography for other marketing materials as deemed fit by Marketing on a case-by-case basis, but the printed marketing suite will not be created.
  • All provided photos must be submitted at a minimum 1800×1200 pixels, horizontal format only, with no watermarks. Images must include the subject property in order to be used on marketing materials (neighborhoods photos are acceptable, when used in conjunction with actual property photos).
  • All photos must be submitted to your TC at least 2 business days prior to market date to guarantee marketing suite delivery by 4pm on market date. Delayed submissions will delay marketing material delivery.

Cleaning Services

Market Shine Cleaning

PorchLight recommends this service for all properties before photos are taken. It is available to all agents and is included for Broker Associates on the Umbrella commission plan. This cleaning service is not a full or deep clean. The purpose of this clean is to make sure the house is in its best condition to make the photos pop. It is important to manage the client’s expectations, or they could end up being unhappy with the service. Market Shine cleans are scheduled for roughly 3 hours. 

  • A Market Shine service can be provided mid-market at the request of the Broker Associate. This is available only for vacant listings and the price for the service is based on the property’s square footage and subject to cleaning team availability. 
  • Market shine services cannot be used at the time of move-out. 
  • See Listing Services Pricing Chart for pricing details.

What does the Market shine include?

  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Mop hard surface flooring
  • Wiping Countertops
  • Dusting furniture, top of doors, lights and ceiling fans
  • Wipe down glass surfaces
  • Spot clean kitchen and baths
  • Interior of entry/exit doors including sliding glass doors
  • Sweep front porch/dusting of outside light fixture (reachable)3

Full Clean/Move-Out Clean
During the pre-market staging consultation appointment, a Full Clean may be recommended for the home. A Full Clean or Move-Out Clean includes the standard Market Shine, but is much more in depth and is available at an additional cost for all commission plans. This service can be provided during the pre-listing services or it can be used at the time of move-out. 

  • A Full Clean can be provided mid-market at the request of the Broker Associate. If a mid-market cleaning is required for an occupied property, a full clean can be scheduled, subject to cleaning team availability.
  • See Listing Services Pricing Chart for pricing details.
  • For Move-Out cleans: house must be completely vacant at time of service; seller must have possession at the time of cleaning; if cleaning team arrives and the house is not vacant, the cleaning will be cancelled and the agent will be charged a cancellation fee of $150.

What does a full clean entail?

  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Mop hard surface flooring
  • Dusting furniture, top of doors, lights and ceiling fans
  • Wipe down glass surfaces
  • Interior of entry/exit doors including sliding glass doors.
  • Sweep front porch/dusting of outside light fixture (reachable)
  • Interior windows and sills
  • Spot Clean Walls
  • Front and back of all inside doors/frames and sliding glass doors sills and frames
  • Baseboards
  • Wipe down blinds, vacuum drapes (surface dust)
  • Full clean of bathroom sinks showers and tubs
  • Front of kitchen appliances, backsplash, and entire cabinet/drawer exteriors including handles
  • Wiping Countertops

Incidental Charges

Lock Box Fee | $150
This fee will be assessed in situations where the Broker Associate has turned in their paperwork and given the green light to perform services, but the lock box is not on the property, does not have a key, or the key does not work when field service staff arrive to begin services. There is no definite time frame between when the paperwork is turned in and when staff will arrive at the property. To avoid this fee, place the lock box with key on/at the property before submitting the paperwork.

Services Reschedule / Cancellation Fee | $150
After PorchLight schedules services for a property and notifies Seller or Broker Associate of the schedule, if the Sellers and/or Broker Associate cancels or reschedules any service with less than 1 full business days notice, prior to the scheduled service time, for any reason, PorchLight will charge a $150 fee for each service rendered incomplete. For example, if the Seller is cancelling services scheduled for Monday at 9:00am, then Field Services must be notified by 5:00pm the previous Thursday.

Release Of Listings & Unsuccessful Listing Fee – Umbrella Commission Plan
In an effort to discourage Broker Associates and sellers from abusing PorchLight resources, PorchLight has a $1500 Unsuccessful Listing Fee. Putting a listing on the market requires a tremendous amount of money, time and resources; PorchLight simply can’t afford to have Broker Associates or sellers “testing the market” at our expense. This fee ensures that Sellers are committed to selling their properties and will do whatever it takes to get it done. This fee applies to personal deals.

Ultimately, PorchLight Broker Associates are responsible for the fees; they can choose to pass it on to their sellers by including it in the listing contract (clause in CTM & below) or they can have faith in their ability to sell a home and leave it out. This fee is in effect for all listings, regardless of whether the listing expires or the seller requests to be released from the listing.

In the event a Broker Associate transfers an active listing from PorchLight, they will be required to pay the unsuccessful listing fee to release the listing.

Listing Clause

  • As part of the PorchLight Marketing services, Seller authorizes certain professionals such as a stager, cleaners, photographer, and measurer, to enter the property with an appointment via lock box, but without being accompanied by the listing broker. Seller understands and acknowledges that PorchLight will send Seller a calendar for services. Seller understands that if they cancel or reschedule any service with less than 24 business hours (1 full business day ) notice, prior to the scheduled service time for any reason, Seller will be charged a rescheduling fee of $150 for each service rendered incomplete. Seller acknowledges that from time to time nail holes and other minimal marks may be left in the house due to moving furniture and staging the property, the Seller agrees not to hold PorchLight liable for such minimal damages.
  • In the event Seller terminates the listing agreement, the listing expires, withdraws the property from the market, or the property does not sell with PorchLight, then Seller agrees to pay PorchLight Real Estate Group $1500 plus any other fees for completed listing services in lieu of costs incurred by PorchLight Real Estate Group for measuring, staging, cleaning, sign install and photography of the subject property. In this event, a bill will be presented to the Seller within seven (7) business days, and payment will be due upon receipt.
  • In the event that the listing agreement is canceled, withdrawn from the MLS, or the listing agreement expires then Seller agrees to provide access to the property for 3 business days after such event to allow for the removal of any staging, accessories or signage that has been provided by PorchLight.
  • Seller understands that they have the right to purchase a Home Warranty on behalf of the buyer and advertise it as such in MLS. Broker to provide examples of Home Warranties upon request.
  • Both seller and broker agree that the market date shall be the date that the property is entered into the MLS system.

Release Of Listings & Unsuccessful Listing Fee – Tiered Commission Plans
When a listing comes off the market on this plan, Broker Associates have already paid for services rendered on listings. Therefore, no additional fees will be applied and no refunds will be issued. A Broker Associate may choose to use the Unsuccessful Listing clause above in order to recoup their personal costs from their seller. 

Service Areas

Metro Denver & Boulder Listing Area Policy
PorchLight is a metro Denver and Boulder-based real estate company and pays for membership to REcolorado, IRES, and PPAR. PorchLight will only provide listing services to properties within our specified service boundaries (map provided below). The CREC strongly recommends referring properties outside of the Denver metro area and Boulder to a Broker Associate who has greater knowledge of that particular market. However, if a Broker Associate chooses to market a property outside of the Denver metro area or Boulder, they will assume responsibility for the following including CP-41:

  • All fees, including membership fees for PorchLight and monthly fees as required by the individual MLS.
  • Completing documentation and implementation
  • Maintenance of the membership as required by the individual MLS.
  • Closing the account.
  • Scheduling and paying for any and all services needed to market the property (ie staging, cleaning, measurement, photography.) PorchLight will provide a smaller H-Frame sign for Broker Associates to install on these properties that fall outside of our services boundaries. Visutour is often available to photograph properties along the Front Range and in the mountains, and in those cases our scheduling coordinator can order photography, but Broker Associates will be responsible for any additional travel fees.

If a Broker Associate chooses to join an additional MLS, they are required to notify the managing broker(s) before signing up. If any of the fees are not paid, PorchLight will close the account and deduct any outstanding fees immediately if applicable or from the Broker Associate’s next closing. PorchLight transaction coordinators only input into the REcolorado or IRES MLS systems.

Expanded & Out of Service Area Policy

Expanded Service Area
PorchLight will service listings outside of our standard Metro Denver & Boulder listing services area. On the map below, our Expanded Service Area is shown in GREEN and includes all services except open house sign placement and appraiser measurements. However, you can add laser measurements to a photography order. Open house signs are available to check out from your home office. If you need more signs than are available at your home office or need time riders, request them no later than Thursday afternoon so they can be delivered to your home office in the Friday run.

Out of Service Area
For Out of Service Area listings, indicated in orange on the map below, PorchLight services are available at an additional cost. (Open house signage is not available in this area.)

Additional Trip Fees for Services

  • Signage $100
  • Occupied Consult $150
  • Vacant Staging $600
  • Cleaners (Full Clean Only) $200
  • Appraiser $100
  • Photos $150+

PorchLight reserves the right to refuse service to any listing located in either area based on weather, road conditions or any other relevant situation.

Other Listing Policies

Marketing Collateral Suite Timeline
The Marketing Collateral Suite (inside brochure, laminated sign, bookmark flyers and special feature cards) will be ready for pick-up at the Broker Associate’s home office no later than 4pm on the listing’s original market date. If the listing Broker Associate moves the market date up after services have been scheduled, the Marketing Collateral Suite will still be ready on the original market date, not before. If the final proof approval from the Broker Associate has not been received by 3pm on market date, the marketing may not be available to pick up until the following day by 11am. View PorchLight turnaround times.

Additional Eflyers
As part of the ARF, PorchLight includes the initial “New Listing” eFlyer when a property goes active on the market. If a Broker Associate chooses to re-send an eFlyer for the same property, or chooses to send an eFlyer for any other purpose, the cost is $40. Payment for additional eFlyers must be paid in full to PorchLight before the order can be placed.

Terminating/Withdrawing/Expiring A Listing
The CREC requires a Broker Associate do one of the following to terminate a listing:

  • If a Broker Associate is terminating the marketing on the listing, but is not terminating the listing agreement, then they need to fill out the “Termination of Marketing Efforts Without Terminating Listing” and provide an Amend/Extend at the time that the Seller wishes to continue with marketing the property.
  • If a Broker Associate is terminating the listing agreement, then the Seller and Broker Associate must create and sign an Amend w/ Broker changing the date that the listing agreement will expire. All Holdover periods shall remain in effect following this signed agreement unless otherwise specified.
  • If a Broker Associate is withdrawing a listing for a period of time, then the Seller and Broker Associate must create and sign an Amend w/ Broker specifying the period of time that the property would be withdrawn and then relisted.
  • If a Broker Associate is expiring a listing in order to get a new MLS number, they must follow the specific guidelines for the MLS in which the property is listed in order to ensure that they are able to get a new MLS number. This may include an Amend w/ Broker authorizing this process.

Extended Withdrawal Listing Policy – Umbrella Commission Structure Only 
Occasionally, sellers need to pull their property off the market for an extended period of time due to unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, PorchLight will allow a Seller to remove their property from the market for a maximum of six months without paying the Unsuccessful Listing fees. During the temporarily withdrawn period, if Broker Associate wants the MLS to reset to zero days on market the listing must be expired, not withdrawn, in the MLS for 30 days (relisted on day 31).

If a Seller chooses to remove their property from actively being listed for longer than six months, the Unsuccessful Listing fees must be paid. If a Seller puts their listing back on the market with PorchLight within one year of withdrawing the property, we will credit the total fees back to them upon successful closing.

For all properties temporarily withdrawn or expired from the market, PorchLight requires an executed Amend Extend with Broker indicating the exact date the property will be active again. If PorchLight is not provided with an executed Amend and the property is withdrawn or expired, the Broker Associate may choose to pay the fees.

Earnest Money
A qualified title company must hold earnest money for all transactions. PorchLight does not have a policy on retaining earnest money in situations where the Buyer is in default. Per paragraph 20 of the CREC approved Exclusive Right To Sell Listing Contract, listing Broker Associate and Seller must agree on how to split the earnest money if it is returned to the Seller through the Buyer’s default. It is the listing Broker Associate’s duty to explain this properly to the client. If the listing Broker Associate does choose to split the earnest money, it must go to PorchLight and the company will issue the Broker Associate’s fair share under their current agreement.

Discount Policies for PorchLight Staff
In order to encourage our PorchLight staff to use PL agents when buying or selling a home, the brokerage offers discount policies for all full-time staff. Learn more.  

Open Houses

Open House Priority
Priority signup begins on Mondays at 3:00pm and is granted to agents in one of three ways; 

  1. Agent Shadowing – an established PorchLight agent allows a new agent to shadow them during their open house.  
  2. Open House Cancellation – the listing agent has canceled the open house after registration has begun.
  3. Top 10 for the Previous Month and Top 15 for the Year (Rolling) Lists – agents in these categories receive priority. 

The agent will receive one priority pick for each instance listed above and must be used the following weekend. Agents can roll their priority pick one time if they do not see an open house or time that will work for them. If the priority pick is not used, it will expire. If the agent chooses to roll over their priority pick, but registers during open registration, the priority pick will be voided.

Open House Syndication
PorchLight uses two different MLS sites to service our agents, IRES (Boulder agents only) and REcolorado [Boulder listings will have both an IRES and REcolorado page]. The Open House times are updated in the MLS on Thursday morning by the listing office ASM for all listings that are currently active. When a new listing is activated in the MLS, that office ASM will update the open house times. Information entered on IRES is available on the website ( within an hour and syndicates to third-party websites (such as Zillow Group,, and NextDoor) within two hours. REcolorado is available on the website ( within an hour, but does not syndicate to any third-party sites. does not advertise open house times. Advertising through Denver Post must be paid for. Find our guide for setting up open houses on third-party sites here.

The open house times are updated on the PorchLight website on Thursday. LeadingRE pulls information from the PorchLight website within two hours of the update. PorchLight’s social media sites are updated on Thursday and Fridays by the Marketing team.

Open House Consequences
Our PorchLight open house program requires a tremendous amount of cooperation and respect from all of our Broker Associates. In order for the program to be a success and allow both listing Broker Associates and hosting Broker Associates to receive mutual benefits, we expect Broker Associates follow the timeline and standards of conduct for the program. The Open House Timeline can be found on the PorchLight Process PCPs page of this website.

Open House Program Standards of Conduct:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Remove any personal trash and open house collateral.
  3. Return Listing Agents brochures to their original location.
  4. Leave the temperature of the property as you found it.
  5. Ensure property is secure before leaving.
  6. Provide timely feedback to the Listing Agent.

We expect all Broker Associates to be aware of the impact their individual actions have on other Broker Associates, sellers and the general public. There are consequences if Broker Associates do not adhere to the Open House Program:

  1. Suspension from Open House privileges for one month
  2. $100 fee (to be used for gift cards to the seller)

The following actions will result in the above mentioned consequences:

  1. Broker Associate does not show up for an open house.*
  2. Broker Associate fails to leave the property in the condition it was found.
  3. Removing the listing agent’s sign rider from the yard sign.
  4. Leaving an open house early or arriving at an open house late.*
  5. Cancelling an open house time slot once the schedule has been confirmed.*

* If you are unable to attend your scheduled open house time slot, you are responsible for finding coverage for that time slot. Once coverage has been determined, you need to email both and to ensure the proper adjustments are made to the systems.

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