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Winning, Collaborative CultureIncluded in Split/Resource Fee
Six Professional Office Spaces
Staff in Every Office Providing Exceptional Service
Use of Event Spaces (cleaning fee applies)
Full-Time PorchLight Systems Support

Open Door Policy

PorchLight welcomes your questions and comments about any of the information contained in this ICA. Your opinions and suggestions for improvement are important to us. Feel free to share any opinions and/ or suggestions for improvement of this ICA with any member of the management team.

Designated Broker (aka Maintaining Contact With The Office)

  • PorchLight understands that the nature of the real estate business dictates that Broker Associates will often be away from the office. However, each Broker Associate must provide a means of communication for the office to contact the Broker Associate, including, for example, providing the office with Broker Associate’s mobile and home telephone numbers.
  • On any vacation that a Broker Associate may take, the Broker Associate is responsible for soliciting one or more Broker Associates within PorchLight Real Estate Group, who will be appointed by the Broker as a Designated Broker, to handle all business for the vacationing Broker Associate. It is recommended that the Broker Associate provide the Designated Broker with a spreadsheet including all pertinent client information and to contact their Transaction Coordinator, clients and other relevant parties regarding appointment of another Broker Associate to handle their business so any inquiries can be directed to the proper person. In addition, the Broker Associate should change their voicemail and email to reflect all communication be sent to the appointed Broker Associate. A Broker Associate shall not appoint their Transaction Coordinator as their Designated Broker.
  • Visit the Designated Broker page to get everything you need, all in one place. 

Maternity/Paternity Leave

In the event that a Broker Associate has a baby, they will be eligible to take three months or 90 days off which will result in a 25% reduction of their minimum production standards for that year.

Extended Medical Leave

In the event that a Broker Associate has a major illness or surgery requiring extended home care, they will be eligible to take three months or 90 days off which will result in a 25% reduction of their minimum production standards for that year.

Runner Policy

  • The Office Run will take place weekly, every Tuesday and Friday. The order of pick up/delivery is: Cherry Creek, Denver Tech Center, Highlands, then Broadway. Timing for the run will vary. Boulder will receive a run once a week, however no day has been specified yet. Contact your ASM if you have a specific request.
  • The purpose of the run will now be to transport generators, marketing materials, non-urgent mail and other routine items between offices. Large orders of generators or other materials should be scheduled with PLS directly (i.e. holiday generators).
  • All items must be placed in their respective bins by 5pm on Monday and Thursday in order to be picked up the next day. Also, please let agents and staff know that interoffice deliveries may take several days. For example, a mail piece is placed in the Cherry Creek bin at the Highlands office on Monday. Based on the run order and timing, it will be picked up Tuesday, taken back to Broadway and delivered to Cherry Creek on Friday, totaling 5 days.

PorchLight Hoteling Desk Policy

  • PorchLight is a hoteling office, which allows us to have sophisticated workspaces that include cafe-style seating, private offices, and open workspaces. In addition, it allows us to have larger conference rooms for all Broker Associates to use. All of our Broker Associates can use any of our offices at any time to work and meet clients.
  • All Broker Associates can reserve conference rooms, private offices, and event spaces. In the event no reservations have been made for conference rooms or private offices, they may be used on a first-come-first-served basis. Broker Associates shall be respectful of all office spaces and leave them in an appropriate manner for the next user. Every Broker Associate can select one office as their primary office where they will receive a locker or storage space to collect personal items.

PorchLight Office Culture

PorchLight is continuously striving to create a collaborative work environment. All Broker Associates will be added to the company’s WorkPlace account as well as specific groups for communication.

Professional Presentation

At PorchLight, we deal in one of the largest investments of people’s lives. As a result, we should always look professional. Whether in the office or out in the field at showings, inspections or closings, all PorchLight Broker Associates shall present themselves professionally as if they were meeting a client. Professional manner of dress is a requirement when serving the public in real estate transactions and when representing PorchLight. PorchLight expects business casual attire, at a minimum, at all times.

Drug And Alcohol Use And Substance Abuse

Drug and/or alcohol use is strictly prohibited while engaged in real estate brokerage transactions and shall not be present or used during work hours. PorchLight may sponsor events from time to time at which alcohol may be made available as part of the function, but Broker Associates shall use discretion at all times.

Client or Customer Substance Abuse

Colorado law prescribes that someone under the influence of either drugs or alcohol may be incompetent to enter into a contractual agreement. In the event a client or customer appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Broker Associate should take appropriate actions to terminate the day’s activities and suggest that they discuss or complete the transaction another time.


Smoking is prohibited within all of PorchLight’s offices. Designated smoking areas established by the owners/landlord may be available outside the building.

Office Security

Anyone issued an office door code is responsible for safeguarding PorchLight’s office. All Broker Associates shall keep all doors locked during non-business hours. PorchLight is not responsible for any theft or loss of personal items left in the office and strongly encourages each Broker Associate to lock up any items of value, such as their personal computer, when not in the office. PorchLight recommends that all Broker Associates carry additional insurance on expensive electronic items.

Children & Pets

All PorchLight Broker Associates are asked to remember that the office is a business environment and as such visits by children or pets of Broker Associates should be brief: generally limited to brief periods for dropping off and picking up items. When a child or pet is present, they should not disturb others working in the vicinity. Infants are also welcome so long as they do not disturb others.

Discount Policies For PorchLight Staff

In order to encourage our PorchLight staff to use PL agents when buying or selling a home, the brokerage offers the below discount policies for all full-time staff. The staff member is responsible for bringing this up with the agent and reaching a final agreement. If you have any questions about the policies, please contact HR (staff) or the Employing Broker (agents) prior to a buyer agreement or listing agreement being signed.


  • Staff member must be listed on property title.
  • PorchLight will offer 15% credit from the commission, and the staff member can negotiate an additional percentage credit with the agent.
  • This is done by listing the property at a lower commission percentage, and should be included in the listing agreement (see clause addressing staff listings).


  • Staff must be listed on contract as taking tile.
  • PorchLight will offer 15% credit from the commission, and the staff member can negotiate an additional percentage credit with the agent.
  • The credit can be used towards:
    • Any closing costs
    • Title fees
    • Taxes due
    • HOA transfer fee or special assessment fees
    • Inspection repair invoices being paid through closing—including radon and home warranty, if applicable
  • If the Staff Buyer has maxed out their allowable, the agent may give them the difference at closing in the form of a gift card.
  • An amend will need to be completed once under contract (toward the end of the transaction) to know if the seller is giving any credits. If the amount of credits surpasses all costs, staff credit from agent/PorchLight will be decreased or waived. The amend will be to the CBS and read that the Buyer’s Agent will credit X%.


For licensed staff, the discount can be handled in the form of a referral for the total to the licensed staff member. No split will be taken from this referral, but it will be taxed as income. Licensed staff can also represent themselves in transactions, however it’s PorchLight’s strong recommendation that they use an active agent to act in their best interests. For licensed staff who do choose to represent themselves, their deals will fall under the Umbrella plan (60/40 split) and policies.

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