PCP: Buyer & Seller Inspection Checklist

What: This updated PCP features a variety of optional inspections that a buyer or seller can request, along with the current price range for professionals to provide the requested service. It covers everything from a standard inspection to asbestos, radon, chimneys and more.

How This Is Used: This is a great list of options to review with clients, whether a seller wants to make their home more attractive to buyers—or a buyer wants to feel confident moving forward. Results can also be handy in negotiations to secure the best deal and ensure a happy client.

How to Access

  • Download the PDF or JPEG by clicking the buttons. You can also request a custom version or send a virtual postcard.
  • For Social: This PCP will be included in next week’s Agent Social Media Calendar. To share now, here are the details:
    • For Instagram, we’ve created multiple square graphics for you to post.
    • On Facebook, you can either use the square images or download the JPEGs and feature the full PCP.
  • Include the message: Buying or selling a home will likely be one of the biggest transactions in your life. Make sure it all goes smoothly with our list of optional inspections, from asbestos to roofs, pests, radon and more. View the full checklist at bit.ly/plinspection.

Did You Know? Known as a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, or CLUE Report, this document includes any insurance claims made on a home in the last few years, such as hail or fire damage. It will give buyers a look at the home’s bill of health, as well as what rate to expect when applying for home insurance. The more claims, the more likely a buyer will pay a higher premium.

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