PCP: 6 Home Updates to Tackle While Staying at Home

What: A new PCP listing six simple things people can do to give their home a quick but impactful update without leaving home, except for maybe a quick run to the hardware store to grab a few supplies.  
How This Is Used: Share this with your people via social media or a virtual postcard and give them something active, even fun to do while being stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis. These are simple, affordable DIY projects that can help them enjoy spending more time at home—even improve resale value, so it’s great advice coming from their expert agent!
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  • Download the PDF or JPEG by clicking on the buttons below. You can also request a customized version or send a virtual postcard.
  • For Instagram, we’ve created multiple square graphics that you can post to your feed. On Facebook, you can either use the square images or download the JPEG and feature the full PCP.
  • Include a message such as: With “stay at home” orders now in place, you can continue with your Netflix binge or give your home some love! Check out this list of easy, low-cost projects that take basic tools, online buys and maybe a quick run to the hardware store. Full list at bit.ly/plhomeupdates.

Did You Know? For home projects that end up requiring tools, paint or other materials, both Home Depot and Lowes allow you to shop online and pick up in-store for minimal exposure. They also offer free shipping on orders over $45. 

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