PCP: Quick Guide to COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Options

What: A PCP that breaks down the various mortgage relief options for homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers forbearance, loan modification, federal versus privately owned loans, questions to ask when talking to a lender or loan servicing company, and much more. 
How This Is Used: With so much uncertainty and increased unemployment right now, your clients may be worried about their finances, especially their mortgage. Share this PCP with your people to help them understand their options and seek out relief if and when they need it. 
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  • Download the PDF or JPEG by clicking on the buttons below. You can also request a customized version or send a virtual postcard.
  • For Instagram, we’ve created multiple square graphics that you can post to your feed. On Facebook, you can either use the square images or download the JPEG and feature the full PCP.
  • Include a message such as: If the COVID-19 pandemic has created a financial hardship that will make it difficult to pay your mortgage, relief is available! Take a look at our guide to creating the breathing room you need and call if I can be of any help: bit.ly/plmortgagerelief

Did You Know? You can use this PCP in tandem with our previous PCP which discusses managing your money during the crisis. It offers people simple tips to help improve their financial situation. 

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