PCP: Work From Home Survival Guide

What: To help flatten the curve and stay safe, working from home has become the new normal for many of us. This PCP provides tips on not only setting up a more long-term workspace but creating the routines and habits necessary to keep going strong in the days ahead. 
How This Is Used: For many people, working from home has been a big change that could be affecting their productivity, concentration and even their mental well-being. Give your clients and contacts this quick guide to help them find a better approach that enables them to create a little bit of normalcy during this difficult time.
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  • Include a message such as: While working from home comes with perks like Casual Friday every single day, it can be a big adjustment. Here are a few tips to keep you productive, focused and sane! Get the full survival guide at bit.ly/plwfhtips.

Did You Know? Casual Friday came from Hawaii. With such a hot climate, employees were allowed to wear an Aloha shirt on Fridays—you know, those short-sleeved shirts with an exotic print. They called these days Aloha Friday as a way to welcome the weekend. The trend slowly spread east to California, continuing around the globe until the 1990s when it became known as Casual Friday. 

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