SpotLight: Current Plan and Response to COVID-19

What: In light of the COVID-19 situation, PorchLight will be doing everything we can to keep all of our people safe, reduce community spread and help flatten the curve. This includes social distancing and creating a weekly plan that will evolve as things develop and in accordance with any regulations implemented by our local and federal governments. We’re here for all of you, and if we take care of each other, we’ll come through this just fine!

See below for the latest information.

PorchLight Plan for the Week of March 16th

Open Houses Cancelled: We will not be holding open houses this upcoming weekend, March 21st and March 22nd. Each week, we will re-evaluate the situation to determine when we can resume open houses. To conduct Facebook Live virtual open houses of your listings, check out our how-to article from marketing Listing Services Operating: Your PLS team will continue to service your listings. Cleaning, staging, measurements, photos and sign installs will run as normal.

Office Opening Plan for This Tuesday Through Sunday:

  • All offices staffed with an ASC (and an MB when possible), Tuesday – Friday. **Please practice safe social distancing standards and give everyone in the office at least 6 feet of personal space at all times.** 
  • Broadway: On Saturday and Sunday, all agents can pick up what they need at the Broadway office.

Wednesday Finding Clarity Sessions, 10-11am: Clarity Inc won’t be doing their standard in-person Finding Clarity sessions at the offices. But fear not, they’re still here to support you, even from afar!

If you have a specific issue that you need “hands-on” help with Wednesday, follow the instructions below to prepare for remote support access…

  1. Go to
  2. Download / run the app that pops up when you go there.
  3. Call or email the 9-digit ID that comes up to Clarity at 720.410.5280 or
  4. Then, when you’re ready, simply call or email with your question or issue. Clarity will be able to “steer” your computer and provide stellar remote support.
Wednesday Accountability, 11am-Noon: Your MB will be in your office to conduct accountability which will likely turn into more of a group discussion on how to stay busy and what strategies you are all using to keep your business flowing. You can tune in from home by using the link for your home office below. Need help getting set up on Zoom? Check out this handy guide!
Thursday Boulder Market Education, 10am-1pm: Tune in to learn more about Boulder! Christina will be teaching this from the office on Zoom. Just register for the class here and you’ll get a link to the Zoom. Need help getting set up on Zoom? Check out this handy guide!
Thursday DTC Happy Hour Cancelled
Staff Working From Home: To support social distancing and keep offices minimally populated, your marketing, TC and finance teams will be serving you from home. Gracie, your Field Services scheduler, will also be working from home. All staff are available via phone and email, so please feel free to reach out if you need anything.
PL Leadership: We’ll be managing everything needed to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this challenging time. Your MBs and Operations VPs will maintain a varying schedule, but they are available to you via email or phone at all times.
Buyers & Showing Homes: Ultimately, it is your choice if you want to take clients out and their choice if they want to go. For everyone’s safety, please use separate cars, bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands as often as possible. When you open a lockbox and open doors sanitize or wash your hands right after. Do not touch anything in the house if you can avoid it. After you shut the door, use hand sanitizer again. Ask your clients to do the same if possible. Maintaining 6 feet between you is important. We will also have a limited amount of wipes for you at the office to take and use. Please stay safe.
Sellers & Listing Homes: We understand that people will still need/want to sell their homes, and we’ll continue to provide the support you need to serve your clients. Our market conditions are extremely strong and if fewer sellers put their homes on the market (on top of existing low inventory), that means that they will get more. That is a basic principle of supply and demand. That being said, if they are nervous and do not want people in their house, tell them to wait. Sellers are normally anxious anyway and if you add more stress, it could be a recipe for even more problems. It’s ultimately their choice.
Temporary, 30-Day Suspension of Listing Fees: If you have a seller who is nervous about the market and decides to pull their house, we will give them up to a 30-day reprieve from cancellation fees as long as they put their house back on and extend the listing period for the same amount of time. If it’s vacant, we may need to pull staging and put it back. While it’s going to put an economic strain on PL, we will do this as long as it is financially sustainable for the brokerage. If you have a special circumstance, please reach out to Cristin Barringer at or 303.513.8734.
Keeping Your Business Strong: Based on some feedback we’ve received, it sounds like a lot of clients are becoming active now that they have time to focus on a house search! People staying home more means they’re more likely to answer their phones. This is an opportunity for you to connect with those that are hard to reach during their regular busy lives. Leads that have been tough to get will be easier to reach. You can use the coming days to line things up and make things happen.
Also Regarding Buyers & Sellers: Check out this video featuring CAR General Counsel Scott Peterson discusses what Colorado REALTORS® need to know about Covid 19 and Real Estate Transactions.

A Final Thought: If you or your clients are sick, have any symptoms or have been exposed, please stay home. If you are in a high-risk category, please stay home! Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer in between and don’t touch your face, eyes, nose—none of it. We know this is hard for many of us!

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