RealScout: Need to Know Information

What: RealScout has launched and training sessions were held last week. If you weren’t able to attend or still have a few questions, here’s some helpful information:

  • Everyone should now be set up on RealScout! If you haven’t gone in and finalized your registration, search your email for “RealScout” and you should be able to find the intro email with registration instructions. If you can’t find it, please reach out to
  • Once you finalize that registration, your CRM contacts will automatically be synced with RealScout. This will happen within 1 business day of you finalizing registration, and any contacts you add to the CRM after that point should sync with RealScout within 30 minutes.
  • You can start setting up new searches for your contacts right away on RealScout! Visit RealScout’s extensive library of agent video tutorials to learn about all the bells and whistles you can use to make your clients’ searches even better.
  • You can also view a video of the RealScout training session at our DTC office.
  • Any active SearchLight searches you have set up in Connect1 will remain active, but you can no longer set up new searches there and should not edit any existing SL searches
  • You can now migrate over your active SearchLight searches! Download the instructions here
  • Don’t forget! We also have a PCP covering some of RealScout’s benefits. Feel free to share this PCP with your people. You can find that here.

Need Help? If you ever have a question or need help at any point, please contact your OL, Karen Wachtel at or

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