September Postcard: Autumn in Colorful Colorado

What: It’s that time of the year again! September’s postcard features nearby drives for primo views of the leaves transitioning from lush green to brilliant hues of red, orange and gold. 

How Postcards Are Used: If you’ve opted into the monthly postcard service, up to 200 postcards are automatically mailed to contacts in your CRM who have a physical mailing address and are assigned to either a Referral Type or Pipeline Group–except for “Not PL Qualified” and “Not Converted.”

Available: Postcards will be landing in mailboxes soon. You can also download and send a PDF via email to any recently added contacts. Need a Facebook post? Share our blog directly which provides tips for ensuring a safe, comfortable and memorable leaf-peeping drive.

Sharing the Graphics on Social Media: 

  • For Instagram, we have a series of graphics for you to post. On Facebook, use the square graphics or download the postcard JPEG and feature the full image.
  • Include a message such as: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Colorado’s fall foliage with our top five, leaf-viewing drives—easy day trips if you live in the Denver and Boulder areas. And for a safe, memorable adventure, check out trip tips on our blog at

Did You Know? Leaves change color as nights become longer and colder. The production of chlorophyll slows and eventually stops. Without it, yellow and orange pigments of leaves become dominant, resulting in the beautiful colors of fall.

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