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What: If you haven’t already, sign up now for our monthly agent newsletter, The Porch Report. The February email is currently in the works, but you still have time to join and get a communication out to your people in the next week or so.

Details: Here’s what you need to know:

  • This e-newsletter will be personalized with your name, contact information, social media links, plus your headshot. 
  • There will be Denver and Boulder versions featuring the most recent market stats and highlighting upcoming, local events. It also includes a helpful blog post. 
  • Once the current market stats are available, the marketing team will put everything together for you, and the email template will be loaded into your CRM for you to send.
  • Agents in the BA Program can contact their BASC if they need help with the send-out.
  • You can sign up for Denver or Boulder for just $75 per month. 
  • If you have a significant number of contacts in both markets, you can sign up for both newsletters. We recommend creating Custom Groups for both Denver and Boulder contacts so that you can easily select and send the newsletter to specific contacts each month.

Did You Know? The newsletter has already proven to provide business for one of our agents. Barbara Conder had this to say, “I was working with a woman three years ago and everything came to a halt related to her job, or rather lack of at that moment. This morning I just got an email from her in direct response to the newsletter that went out last week. She now has a secure job and is ready to buy a house!!! This program is already working and just ONE NEWSLETTER has gone out!!”

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