Valuable Daily Habits by Ninja Instructor, Clara Capano

What: During last week’s Q2 meeting, Master Ninja Instructor and Coach, Clara Capano, was our special guest speaker. She provided fantastic tips on being more successful by having a mindset of growth and abundance, along with a list of valuable daily habits that all agents can start working on right away.
How This Is Used: While things are very uncertain right now, Clara made a great point, that today is NOT your forever reality. And the best thing you can do for your business is to stay consistent and stay in action. 

Daily Habits

  • Start each day with gratitude.
  • Show up. You ARE the CEO of your business—show up ready to work.
  • Send two handwritten notecards each day. Let people know you’re thinking of them.
  • Hot List, check in and update current clients.
  • Warm List, these are people with potential changes coming—an increase in family size, children leaving home, or simply living in the same house for 7 years or more. Be visible with these people and make sure you’re top of mind when that change happens.
  • Provide a Real Estate Review, an annual report covering the current market conditions and their real estate holdings. Not a CMA, but a small and abbreviated view. Here’s what it can include.
  • Update your database. This is the central nervous system of your business.
  • Aim for 50 conversations per week. While face-to-face is currently not possible, you can send a note, have a phone conversation or a Zoom/virtual get together. Use the FORD principle to connect with people. Talk about Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. 
  • Have a weekly business planning meeting with yourself. Reflect on last week, set targets for this week and create a schedule. Put your life in first, then the “hours of operation” for your business.

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