SpotLight: PL Virtual Open House Program

Our new PorchLight Virtual Open House Program launches this weekend and sign-ups are in progress! While traditional open houses are still not allowed, this program will help listings and agents get more exposure, creating professional credibility with your people and generating leads for all. 

How the Virtual Open House Program Works
Virtual Open Houses (VOHs) will be available during the standard 10am-4pm time slots on Saturdays and Sundays. Since VOHs only take about 30 minutes to complete, the first half-hour of a Connect2 time slot will be when the VOH is held. So if the time slot is:

  • 10-12, VOH is from 10-10:30
  • 12-2, VOH is from 12-12:30
  • 2-4, VOH is from 2-2:30

Please note that Thursday Virtual Open Houses are not available at this time.

Listing Agents
If you’d like your listing to be available for other agents to host a Virtual Open House, simply go into Connect2 on Monday before 3pm and add the available time slots to the Open House tab.

Hosting Agents
To sign up for a VOH, go to Connect2 and sign up as you normally would (for an Open House)—priority sign-ups will open Monday at 3pm, general sign-ups will be open Tuesday at noon and close Wednesday at noon. Once you’ve signed up:

  • Use this VOH instruction sheet to set up your Facebook Live Event. There will be a live Zoom session on Wednesday, 5/13 at 2pm to walk you through the steps and answer any questions.
  • Send the link for the Facebook event to no later than Thursday at noon, and if you used a business account to set up the event, add PorchLight Real Estate Group as a cohost for added exposure.
  • Order a digital version of the window flyer (customized with your contact info) and a virtual open house social graphic from the Open House Collateral section here on the Hub. Other collateral materials are either available for download or don’t make sense in a virtual setting.
  • Post the VOH social graphic and invite people to your event to generate interest and RSVPs!
  • Once we have your FB event link, we’ll post it in the MLS for you. If you’d like to post it to Zillow, you can find the instructions for doing that here. We’ll also advertise it on PorchLight’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • If you’d like to prep what you’re going to say ahead of time, check out this handy VOH Cheat Sheet with features you can discuss room by room. 

The Day of Your VOH: 

  • Please arrive at the listing up to 15 minutes before your time slot to prepare and sanitize surfaces if you so choose. 
  • Make sure you’re alone in the home and avoid touching surfaces without gloves (if you do, be sure to wipe down all those surfaces before you leave). 
  • You must be out of the listing no later than an hour into your time slot. So, if you sign up for 12-2, conduct the VOH from 12-12:30 and leave no later than 1pm. 
  • Follow the instruction sheet to go live from the Facebook VOH event page. If possible, we encourage you to have a “plant” attend virtually so they can ask questions and engage with you if others are shy to do so.
  • Remember to gather feedback and take note of how many “attendees” you have so you can fill out the Connect2 feedback form later.

After the VOH
You’ll have a record of all “attendees” of your VOH, so reach out to them over FB and ask if they’d like more information on the listing. If they do, ask for their email address, send them the digital Window Flyer and be sure to follow up with your new lead.

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